After a long respite, I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of making some customs. I’ve had a bunch in progress for ... quite some time. I decided to bring the stuff to work. That’s where I do my painting anyways, and this gives me something to do on my break besides stuff crappy food into my stupid face-hole. I’ve started off with some of the simpler ones to clear some projects out.

This stock car was probably the easiest wheel swap ever. It had badly bent axles with the old Ertl wheels on them. I drilled the base, and found that the axles just snap right out. I popped in a set of worn down stock car wheels from an ugly beat up Taurus I got in a Savers bag, snapped the base back on, job done!

Next I swapped the metal base and Real Riders from a pop culture Elky onto this one. I may strip and paint this one in the future, but that’s pretty low down on my priority list. I also snapped the plastic base onto the pop culture one, and tossed it in with my girls’ toys. No sense in it going to waste!

The paint has been stripped off this Caddy for at least six months. All I wanted to do was paint it black, so I did. The paint job isn’t very good, so I decided this car is a driver with multiple repaints, almost certainly hiding some bondo underneath. You know, the kind of classic Caddy I might be able to afford.

I did the hard work on this wheel swap like last spring. I finally finished the detailing, shoved in the wheels, and snapped it back together.

Which brings me to a work in progress. I made a hot mess out of this K5 Blazer to be the better part of a year ago. I was so disgusted with what I had done, that I couldn’t bring myself to touch it again until today. I think the only hope this one has is to be patina’d, but I can’t let it go to waste.

So that’s where I’m at right now. My goal is to finally finish the K-10 longbed I’ve been wanting to make since LaLD showed me that customs were a thing by the end of this school year.