So first let me say my vacation wasn’t actually just for diecast, as awesome as that would be. The actually purpose was to go visit my in-laws in Florida. However, I was fortunate enough to get to spend a good amount of time doing some diecast hunting, and I had a great HAWL from this vacation. Especially thanks to a real, live, in-person HWEP with LaLD royalty, The Bell King himself! So, let’s go through the HAWL, shall we?

A classic that I could not pass up. I found this at a TRU on my way out of town. I grew up watching re-runs of the show and absolutely loved it. So when I saw this, I had to have it.

Next came from a random stop at a Wal-Mart somewhere near the Florida/Georgia line (no, not the band). I actually found two of these, but the second went to The Bell King as part of our IRL HWEP.

Flea market find #1! I’ve long been after some of the premium Matchbox stuff, so I grabbed this Jag as soon as I saw it. The guy actually had three of the them. The other two were red, but you have to get a Jag in British Racing Green. It’s a requirement, right?

Flea market find(s) #2. These loose cars came from and outdoor setup, so they’re a little on the rough side. The Callaway C7 is in pretty good shape, as is the Pikes Peak Celica. Both just have evidence of a little play wear based on the scuffed up windshields. The two Matchbox 959s are also playworn, but still in decent shape. I was thinking of using one for a custom, but I might also throw it up for trade. The Fiesta is definitely playworn, but it’s one of the ones missing from my attempt at completing the Fiesta set so I had to get it. And the Ferrari’s windshield has been flattened a bit but is otherwise good shape. Anyone know how to fix the windshield?

Two GL CHP cars I’ve been looking for. The Mustang came from a Hobby Lobby and the Charger came from a TRU.

Another TRU find. Because NOS.

A couple of Wal-Mart finds from FL. The Ford GT Race eluded me for quite some time after everyone else was finding it, but I finally managed to get my hands on one. And the Deora II puts me one step closer to completing the Racing Circuit set.

My HWEP from The Bell King!!!! Talk about some awesome stuff. TBK and I were messaging back and forth the entire time I was down there since I was exploring his kingdom. Both of us kept on the lookout for the Race Day series, and ultimately he found it the day before I was leaving. I never managed to find it while I was down there. So he graciously traded me the 962 I’ve been drooling over ever since the preview drawings were shown, along with the awesome new MBX G-Wagen 6x6 and STi police car for one of the Women of Marvel VW T1s I pictured earlier and an old school ‘80s era Matchbox C1 racer I found in my trip to the flea market. It was really cool getting to meet a fellow LaLD’er in person; especially TBK. He’s a very nice and very rad dude. The next time I’m down in his neck of the woods and have more time to meet up, I will definitely be buying him a beer or two, hahaha. Thanks again TBK!

On the way home, we stopped at the flea market again as I passed up a piece I really wanted, but held off on buying (which I regretted the rest of the week). This awesome little Maisto 1/43 CLK-GTR was not that car, but was thrown in as part of the deal.

THIS was what I was really after. A Maisto Special Edition 1/18 Nissan 350Z NISMO S-Tune. As many of you know, I’m a HUGE Nissan guy. During my first trip to this flea market, this car caught my eye. I knew I wanted it in my collection, but figured I could find one on ebay for a little cheaper and I’d just pick one up later.


After we got home, I started checking the ‘bay and was quickly disappointed. There were no listings for this particular model, and the ones that had sold recently went for $20-$30 more than what the guy at the flea market was asking. Plus, those models were the less-desirable silver ones. The burnt-orange was nowhere to be seen. I knew I had to go back.

So, that’s exactly what I did. After a little haggling with the nice man who ran the counter, I picked this and the 1/43 CLK-GTR up for a sweet deal and am a happy man now. I know I said I didn’t have any more room for 1/18s, but I guess I’ll just have to start rotating what’s displayed, hahaha.