Ok, I'm going to try to fit one more LaLD awesomeness propaganda post in before it hits midnight on the east coast! Here are my favorite moments from the past year:

5. That time El_Uly sent Aya an Alfa. It was the first time the HWEP went international. I could have said the first trade ever between myself and Uly for a 360 and M3, but this trade was the first time that I realized that LaLD was GLOBAL! Think about that, we've all got collector friends who live in different continents. That's too cool.

4. That time Otaconmutasim's review got picked up by Jalopnik. I know we've hit the Front Page a few times, but this one was special to me because we didn't even have to promote this. In the past, we've hit up one of the Jalopibros on Twitter or through email, but this review was so good, it was worthy all on its own.


3. That time Hot Wheels asked our permission to share Jeff's photo. I remember my phone buzzing at work to find we had a message through Twitter from Hot Wheels themselves. I shot Jeff a message through Facebook and he was immediately all over it.

2. That time we gained so many Instagram followers in one weekend, I thought something was wrong. We literally gained 800 followers in a matter of hours, seemingly out of the blue. The only explanation I could come up with was that our account had been hacked by one of those "gain 1000 followers by clicking here" spam things. I sent an email to alert the fellow mods and changed the password. Then I turned to Google. We had gained a bunch of followers before when Jalopnik called our account one of the best automotive based IG's to follow, maybe it happened again. Sure enough, Flat Out had mentioned us down in Brazil! We'd later get some more recognition in the Brazillian magazine Quatros Rotas.

1. That time I got Sir Jackie Stewart and the Traveling TorchBug in the same picture. I had the honor of bringing the TorchBug to the Pebble Beach last August. While I was busy wiping my drool off a multi-million dollar car, a vintage Ferrari pulled up next to where I was standing. Sir Jackie hopped out of the passenger seat and was immediately swarmed by people asking to take pictures. I pulled the Torchbug out of my pocket and told my buddy I was going for it. He snapped our pic and captured that moment of awesomeness. A little biased maybe, but that's definitely my all time favorite LaLD moment!