With my bday coming up, I got some diecast cars in the mail (thanks parent in-laws!). So without further ado, let’s jump into the scene, :).

First up is the GL Hollywood Lost TV Series Tin can VW Type 2 van. Now, I’ve never watched Lost, but this van had a lot of wear and tear on it! I figured the back of a flatbed would be ideal for it, :)

This pic below has no special significance, I just thought the work trucks looked cool, lol.

Secondly, I got the GL Lost VW Bug. I had one before, from the Friday the 13th movie (another one I have never seen).

Not a bday hawl, but a regular one, I managed to find a AW Limited Edition ‘64 Ford Country Squire in a very nice blue.

This is a shot mostly full of Dodge Challengers, I have 6 now. Which is relevant because...

I just got a [purple] AW ‘71 Challenger! :D. Now I have three ‘70s, a ‘71, and two ‘73s. Now I just need someone to make a nice true scale ‘72, :).

I also received a silver AW ‘69 Pontiac Trans Am. The nice thing about AW Releases, is that there are variations with a single release. I could go out tonight and get another Trans Am in a different color if I desired. You can’t do that with GL.

Continuing with the cars in the GL Hollywood Lost Tin, I also got a ‘69 Camaro. Now, I’m not a big Chevy fan, but I’ve been meaning to pull the trigger on a Camaro purchase for a while now, namely to give a fuller look to the diorama, but I always find something more interesting to buy instead.

Lastly, I got the GL Jeep and yet another GL Hollywood Lost Tin car, the Bronco. The Jeep I’m thrilled over because it’s another off-road truck. I think the Bronco is too low for off roading, but it does look pretty awesome, :).

Which cars did you like the most? And which pics?