Hey LaLD, I almost forgot I had authorship here for a second! I dug up my old Lesney car collection again and decided that I should share the interesting ones in more depth than last time. I collected these all as a kid, mainly from antique stores and such. They’re all older than me and every single one of them was made in England. The craftsmanship of these things is very impressive and some of them have interesting twists and features that you simply wouldn’t find nowadays.

Most of them have been beaten, battered and abused over the years. That’s what they were made for and it gives them character.

I’ll start here. With the pink Rolls Royce. This one sits in it’s own personal bag, it’s in by far the best condition than the others. It’s RHD, the trunk opens and the number plate is etched into the back. This one is also of a slightly different scale than the others.

Here’s the rear view, with the trunk open.

Then there’s this one. A Ford Fairlane Police car, I’ve heard it’s pretty rare. It’s seen better days clearly, but this one also lives in my desk in it’s own special area. This one is the same scale as the Rolls Royce.

Here’s the yellow Miura. Looks almost as good as the real car, the interior is surprisingly detailed and the doors open. This too is one of the nicer condition ones.

Here’s the Berlinetta twins. Besides the wheels, they’re otherwise identical. The wire wheels on the slightly more battered one are a great touch, the wires are all individual. Very impressive design.

Here’s one of the most interesting ones I have. It’s clearly a Mustang and the front wheels turn with that little switch that you see on the bottom of the drivers side door. There’s also a patent number on the bottom. The condition isn’t the best, but that doesn’t stop it from being cool.

Here’s another Rolls. This one, a Silver Shadow.The trunk opens on this one also, RHD of course.

Here is the Jaguar Mk10. RHD also as you can see, it’s of the same scale of the Phantom and the Ford Fairlane Police car, which is slightly smaller than the others. Great amount of detail on this one, especially under the hood.

Here’s this one. It has no name on the bottom, other than “Matchbox Series.” All of the tires are intact, which is a good thing.

These two are some old ones. A Weatherhill hydraulic excavator and a Leyland coach.

Now for the Ford G.T. One tire is missing and the stripe has been removed at some point or other. One of my favorites. Again, excellent detail in the engine bay.

Here’s one of the rarest ones out there. The Magirus-Deutz crane truck. I’ve been told that even in horrible condition, they still can bring $30.

Here’s another group of twins. Two MG 1100s. The blue one being newer than the green one, but pretty much the same design. They’ve both got dogs in the backseat and some creepy guy behind the wheel.

THE ROZZERS ARE HERE! RUN! Two Ford Galaxie Police cars.

Here’s a a Cadillac Ambulance or Ghostbusters mobile waiting to happen. There’s a bed in teh back along with various other stuff.

This one here isn’t a Lesney, but I still thought I’d throw it in just for the hell of it. It’s also made in Great Britain, but by Husky. It’s got a decent amount more plastic on it than the Lesney cars and It’s a Studebaker Wagonaire with a sliding glass roof and an opening tailgate. Pretty cool, no?

Here’s a couple of garbage trucks. The blue one on the left is a “Tippax Refuse Collector.” It’s got a dual rear axle and the back of the truck works like a dump truck and the liftgate on the back goes up. Same with the orange which is a Ford except it’s a bit more complicated.

Here’s a grit spreader. You could actually put sand into the bin and it would pour out through the bottom of the truck. This one is labelled as a Ford also.

This one is a Pontiac Grand Prix sports coupe. Opening doors also and no shortage of peeling paint.

Here’s an Alvis Stalwart, labelled on the sides with “BP Exploration.” There’s no missing tires, but there was a tonneau cover at one point.

Here’s some later ones from the late 70’s. A Mercury Cougar Villager with an opening back tailgate, a Renault 5TL with an opening trunk and a Mercedes 350SL.

Here’s one metric fuckton of Greyhound buses.

Here’s the final lot. This one, composed of only military vehicles. I believe they might have come in a set or something.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ve got a few more where that came from, just let me know if you think I should share those also.