So, I just finished four more customs. Two for a friend and two for me (always have to treat myself, im greedy). For a diorama I chose a raceway I created. I bought the building and assembled then created the landscape and the single track lane with barrier in front. I forget where I bought the building, but they have a ton of do it yourself buildings/landscapes for multiple scales. Easy and cheap and adds a nice dimension to your diorama.

On the Hakosukas I made a pair for a friend on IG. One is “dirttrack withered” the other is a before/after, whichever he feels like. I used a dremel and several different heads to create the gouged out racer. I wanted to make it look as if it has seen some fun. Its very hard to create a realistic dent in the thick die-cast bodies, but Ill get there eventually. For know they look like the were attacked by a dinosaur. They both were airbrushed in HoK Organic Green.

The Kenmeri is for me! I created my first intercooler, which I think turned out nicely. I also added some graphics to the wheels for my first time. Its painted in HoK Cobalt Blue Kandy and several layers of CC. Its very nice, minus the chip I created above the front right fender.

The Focus is painted in HoK Aqua and detailed in black.

All customs are detailed inside and out and the chasis to boot.

Checking pressure on the focus before he gets a few laps in.
Drone view of paddock,
Another aerial view of the paddock.
Some reckless drivers left some paint on the wall, hopefully, the “Kenmeri” can stay off it.
A triptych of different focal points.
Focus in all its Aqua beauty.
I love the Focus casting.
Can see the intercooler, not the best but my first attempt. The blue is so deep in person.
Wobbly Hako with plenty of dirt track time.
This green is fantastic. I just added clear coat and flake to my airbrush materials so expect some crazyness in the future. Up until know I used rattlecan clear.

Hope you all enjoyed. Have a safe holiday.