The local stores have been getting stocked like crazy but it’s still be hard to beat the hunting crowds - luckily I was able to hit a few stores this morning and gathered a decent haul!

I was able to find some new Matchbox, Hot Wheels, M2 and Autoworlds! Not bad for a few Wal-Marts and a Target.


Matchbox kills the automotive utilitarian game - I mean a Datsun rally and River duck? How cool is that!?

I also love how both Hot Wheels and Matchbox are using El Segundo on liveries (like the Duck and Taco Truck)...and I also love the licensed Baja truck too.

Hot Wheels has been killing it lately and I cannot pass up those premium Moderm Classic Mercedes. So freaking awesome!

The mainlines are rocking too. This is the second time I’ve found two different colored GTRs in the same bin.

The helicopter is new, but my God is it ugly....unlike the buttery smooth card art on the Forza set.

And shout-out to Autoworld for their special editions too. That Trans Am? So good in that blue over white.

And we can’t forget about taco Tuesday! Hot Wheels new deco on the Quick Bite truck is a taco truck!