Found the new Integra with Tien livery in a 3 pack the other day, which was a surprise. I didn’t expect to see them on the pegs for a little while longer. I had also found an extra S2000 version from a couple years ago the day before, so both of them were sitting on my desk at the same time….and I knew the pair needed an upgrade. A couple hacked up JH RX3s later and voila….


 I also found some of the new MK7 Golfs this week, and thought the design was incredible…but the goofy white wheels and base and interior looked like crap. I have a number of drilled apart euro style MK7s, so I simply swapped the new body over the interior, glass, and metal base from the euro style version. I really really like this one.

 And while I’m at it, a couple other swaps done in the same dremel session…

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