Just got back from my trip to Manhattan Island today. It’s my second trip but, first time as a die cast collector. So, this time I had to hit up some stores along with my sightseeing adventures.

New York is on high alert because of the attacks on Paris. So, being in the airport this morning and knowing I’m going to be on a plane was a bit scary. Luckily I’m back home safe. Vive la France!

There are no KMarts where I live so I made sure I hit up the two KMarts in Manhattan. Unfortunately....neither had the KMart exclusive Datsun (the car I wanted the most). Got a few extra Brats to add to my trade pile.

I bought two souvenir NY tour bus. The bus scale seems quite compatible with these 1/64 cars. I like these buses and I should have bought more. Darn it!

Size comparison:

Along with the various Walgreens, CVS, DuaneReed stores I hit up for diecast, I also visited the Toys R Us in Time Square. That place was like an amusment park.