The other day I decided I needed to start on another custom, so I rummaged through my collection trying to find something cool. Found this 1929 Ford truck with a Dove chocolate livery, it’s an awesome cast but horrible paint theme. I went with an old-school 2-tone design, a gunmetal metallic with a crimson red. I also switched out the wheels for some torque thrust 5 spokes and dropped the stance a little to fill the wheel gap. The only hiccup I had was that I was so excited to repaint it I left the windshield in it. Overall I'm really ahoy with the end result.

Also just wanted to share another old matchbox my friend got me. I’m a huge Los Angeles Kings fan and he found this one. It’s a 1993 cast of a 29’ delivery, I thought they both went well together.

Thanks for looking.