Well at least not this weekend, but I do have an update in its place.

The problem with my work bench is it’s either set up to shoot cars or set up to do customs but not both at the same time. Also, you’ll probably notice a lack of content from me for awhile because I have my nose at the grinding stone to finish my 1:18 Emory Outlaw commission. If you’ll recall I’ve been at it for over 8 months now and basically I want my project space back. The hold up being my lack of focus as well as trying to find the correct paint color. Also fabricating custom one off pieces. I’d like to take advantage of the warm dry summer weather for painting while I can since I haven’t graduated to airbrushing quite yet. This project is pushing me there.

Good news is I’m making really good head way. Last week I got the cage bent up and in place on the interior shell and lots of pieces are prepped and in primer. This week I actually shot my first pieces in a color coat which has made me VERY motivated to see this thing through. This week I’d like to knock out some epoxy fills on the body so I can get it in primer and possibly a color coat on the interior shell. A color coat and detailing on the interior is also not far behind.


Since I am using paint out of a spray can, multiple coats with wet sanding are going to consume a vast number of days for curing in a rapid fashion. Couple that with my ability to only spray on the weekends means I’ll be lucky to see a finished product by the end of September. Pillarless, I could use some tips if you’re reading, I’ll revisit your painting posts for reference in the mean time.

Sorry for the lengthy update, here is a teaser of my work bench at the moment.