In digging even DEEPER into my deceased Father In Law’s basement, I came across a box of old Matchbox monster trucks.

Turns out they were my wife’s, and also like the ones I myself had as a kid. She took better care of hers...

I don’t recall having the MADDOG II K-Blazer, but of course I had Bigfoot and USA-1 (both Fords, although I recall USA-1 was a Chevy in the later 80's or early 90's when I saw it in person and had the model kit) and the ROLLIN THUNDER Chevy van.

Also in the box was this Racing Champions BEAR FOOT stepside Chevy, sadly missing two wheel inserts in the back, and peeling stickers. Pretty sure it was a quality issue with the truck, and not due to rough use.

Then I found this gem.

Is that a RHD Supra Monster Truck??

Nope, just a regular Matchbox Supra (with working liftback!) on one of them snap-on monster truck chassis.

Sadly its in pretty rough shape. Years of the chassis being taken on and off have gouged the wheels, and the paint on the fenders.

I promised the wife they weren’t worth anything, so I get to keep them! I also made a deal to take all my Chrysler related “toys” to work, where I set them up this morning above the parts counter window.

I have more to add, just got to dig them out of mine and my Father In Law’s ‘storage’. The Nash Bridges Cuda and wheel standing Dodge A-100 were his, and added to my collection months ago.