Went hunting at a few Walmarts for the new HW Speedy and Angry collection, and struck out. But hey, surprise! I had no idea the MBX Skyline was coming in this cool satin blue! The Evora also has a satin finish... I’m not a fan of this look on 1:1s, but it looks great on both of these. I completed my CC Air Cooled collection, and I even found a Fiftieth Anniversary ‘67 Camaro. This Camaro... I didn’t want one before I saw it. I just grabbed it because the scalpers seem to love it. I’ve never seen one, despite every Walmart in my area being overrun with these peg-warming Camaros.

Anyway, the Camaro (bad card) and one of the Skylines are available for trade, as are these:

Both are in-the-wild finds that just don’t fit with my collection. I am hoping to trade either for the newest Acura NSX STH (hands down my Most Wanted HW right now), or a Toyota Off-Road Truck STH. Anybody up for it?

Thanks for reading!