I promise, this will be my last Jada post for awhile...I think. I love early pick-ups, they are so utilitarian and stylish all at the same time. Anything 50's and earlier I drool over, even 60's and 70's C10's are sweet in my book. I love this bright red on black model, it's so simple yet so aggressive. The details are lacking and panel fitment is so so but whatever, it looks like it's going to rip the asphalt out of the ground. It's yet again one of the few Jada models that I actually think looks like a real automobile and that I'd actually consider driving in real life. My wife had bought me the pro-street version by mistake (with the chrome wheels, blaaaah!), bless her soul, so I was able to work it into the shoot without showing any bling. I'd like to actually do a parts swap someday since the pro-street version has a painted bed and I like the painted grill as well.