Ok. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about this car... I will direct you to the highly-detailed wikipedia and post a few 1:1 shots snagged from Google Images. This is one of those charming Corgi Castings that is based on a car that most people have never heard of and few have seen in the wild.

I believe this is the one and only Reliant in my diecast collection. Would love to have a Reliant Robin 1:64 someday... In fact, there is a Robin somewhere north of my house about 2 hours away near the white mountains area. I read online it’s part of a small public car display and someday I will meet this infamous 1:1 Robin.

This Corgi definitely had some love over the years. It’s not part of my childhood fleet. But, I hope the kid that played with this one was pretty excited about it’s amazing/bizarre windshield. Plenty of room for groceries in the back. It goes without saying that I would DD this car like crazy.

Thanks for looking!


From Google image search
From Google image search