I might be in a little over my head.

That’s 10 boxes stuffed with diecast material. Short story: a couple weeks ago, I was browsing local estate sale listings, and found a service having an online auction. Their listing came up under my “Matchbox” search term, and I placed a bid for a couple lots, on a lark. I won. The lots were not described in much detail, and I didn’t know what I would be getting. It ended up being a lot more than I had planned. This morning I got an email from the company saying I could pick it up today. I have the day off, so I went and got it. It’s been a long day.


Most of this material is 80s-early 90s vintage. Most of this material will end being sold, and I will give people here first choice. I don’t have a lot into it, especially on a per-item basis, so prices will be low. Note: this is not a sale thread yet - I am not prepared to keep track of who wants what. It’s just a sneak peek :)

Let’s look into the boxes. Pics might be in ascending order of interest, at least to my eyes. Most loose vehicles are mint or very near.

First couple of boxes - early 90s Nascar and similar racing material. TONS of it. Dozens upon dozens and dozens of carded and boxed cars, a couple of stuffed boxes. These couldn’t be further from what I collect, and they will go cheap. This is scratching the surface - these are full boxes:

Next up, racing/Nascar themed haulers. Same story as before in terms of my interest, and price:

A couple of period Matchbox convoy sets, should be in another box:

Next up, a box of Matchbox Skybusters - in package, and loose fairly mint. Dozens. Again, will go cheap:

And there’s something lurking under them - an assortment of same era Matchbox monster truck style rigs - most loose and pretty mint (and pieces to a playset under them):

Next box, some big stuff:

These were somewhat expensive when new, won’t be when I sell them:

If anyone wants these, they won’t break the bank:

Also in the box, some metal toy material:

Loose with just a little wear, but pretty cool and maybe unusual, a Nylint 4Runner:

On to the next, a pile of Lledo Days Gone Chevron promos, and they will be priced at a pittance:

And a ton of Yesteryears, from later Lesney days onwards - also will go for very little. Train set kit is a free gift :) :

Next up, a pile of off/odd brand stuff. I suspect these are meant for vdubyajohn and his love of the weird:

Now on to Matchbox. This one will be fun for some people - a box overflowing with regular issue carded material from around 1985-92 or so, emphasis on the 1988-92 era. Many dozens of cars, I didn’t count them. I don’t collect them, so they will be up for grabs:

A pile of Matchbox multi piece sets and odd themed sets - many not shown here. Unusual stuff, much of which I don’t recall when new. It’ll all go:

What’s this neatly stacked assortment of cards?

About two dozen Matchbox Laser Wheels. I liked these back in the day. I don’t want to keep them now (I might hold on to one of the MB SECs):

A box lined with late 80s era Matchbox Superkings, nice surprise:

Also in the box, some multi vehicle sets - I remember some of these when I was a kid:

Here’s a really cool one from the end of the Made in England era. Not sure if I will sell this:

70s-early 80s era carded Matchbox, made in England, I think these will be for sale

Something a little different, an assortment of loose mint and boxed 80s era Majorette. I am definitely keeping the car hauler set, as I love the models on it. The rest will likely be up for grabs:

And something I am definitely keeping, a selection of Tomica:

I removed them from the decaying cardboard boxes and put them in plastic totes. Still overwhelming:

In the next several weeks, I will work on getting an informal inventory of this material, and getting them ready to sell. People here will get first chance. I don’t have room for it, and I would like it out of here sooner than later. I will be most interested in selling it in larger lots rather than one car at a time, so clear some shelf space, you might get some deals.

That is all.