home sick today, bored, pulled out some recently discovered diecasts from when I was a kid and took some pics. the photos are kinda nasty, shot with some camping lights and an iphone, but they do the job.

HW Firebirds...big Smokey and the Bandit fan as a kid...and still.

HW 3rd Gen Firebird.

HW Z28

HW Nascar Goodness

HW Vettes...think the red one was a McDonalds giveaway.

HW Citation with roof damage and a Fox Body Stang

HW Rally Rabbit and MB Golf

MB Countach and 308

MB Quatro...wish it roared like a real one

MB XR4Ti. Still want one of these.


HW Fiearo and 200sx

Redline Chrome 911

Off Brand BMW and Nissan Silva...marked as a Toyota?

MB Caravan

and whats left of a Redline Indy Car

more to come...