The infamous 2013 HW Showroom 67 Camaro door line and handles tooling

This was known as a mistake tooling that was never meant to be on the metal cars. Hot wheels later fix this tooling only slightly by removing the lines but leaving the handles in place but if you look closely at a handle version you can see the slight remains of the lines by the cowl

The door handles tooling disappeared after 2014 with the RLC Gulf design not be seen till 2017's 50th Camaro series. As far as it’s known no super treasure hunt 67 Camaro ever had this combo they were all reported to be the smooth bodies. The lines/handles combo doesn’t appear too often any more on eBay (that I’ve seen recently) but when they do it’s often about 10-15 bucks more than the supers.


They were found on US and International long cards with and with out hot wheels logo on base.

Not for sale/trade sorry