Took the kiddos to the playground behind our house. I discovered I had a Fiesta in my jacket pocket, so out it came.

As it turns out, HW are fun on slides. The kids were quite enthusiastic about the whole thing, so we had to send it down all the slides. As it turns out, my potato takes its time refocusing:

It was hard to get a halfway decent video of the car going down the curly slide (sorry for the vertical video - I thought I had it fixed, but apparently not and i don't care to mess with it any more):

This slide has speed bumps halfway down, so it took 2 tries:

It's hard to wipe out in a tube slide:

There's also a big rock that yielded some dramatic moments:

Naturally, we had to get a little sideways in the dirt:

In the alley outside the garage, the little Fiesta discovered some signs of a much larger relative:

We really could have used some more ground clearance, just about tore out the oil pan doing this:

Finally, the kids made a chalk race course, so we got back on tarmac (concrete):