Found a MBX 110 Defender today and had to get it. On the way home I remembered the MBX Jungle Crawler that I picked up yesterday and decided some DLM/ORAT time was needed.

The 110 is pretty cool but there’s a few little things I don’t really like. They are the checker plate tampos down the sides, I’d have preferred less of that and some better front details like headlights blinkers etc, maybe even the checker plate on the top of the front guards as is customary. Another is the ‘sun roof’ that is molded in the same piece as the windows, it looks a bit odd with the luggage also molded in the same material but on the plus side you do get a better view of the inside details. That’s pretty much my only complaints on it, it’s a nice cast really and after all its a kids toy anyway. It has many good little features and I’ll point out the highlights. There is a snorkel for river crossings. Full length roof rack that contains a toolbox, jerry can, a couple of bags, what looks to be a tent with poles and a chainsaw! It also has a tiny ladder at the rear running down the full height of the body. Rear mounted spare wheel that when measured with some vernier callipers is EXACTLY the same diameter as the four road wheels! Amazing! Well done MBX, I hate it if the spare tyre is nothing like the actual wheels on a model. The spare is smooth to look at but that’s how they are when a vinyl cover is fitted on them. The inside features seating for nine! Two in the first row, three in the second row and two rows of two seats running parallel to the rear side walls, troop carrier style. There’s a center console and I’m pretty sure the two sticks are there, normal shifter and the shifter for the transfer case/4X4 system operation. Apart from that the rest of the interior is completely devoid of any details, just like a 1:1.

The Jungle Crawler is a bit of an odd ball. I initially left it because of the tampos and chrome wheels. If it had body colored rims and none of that camo I’d like it more. What finally swayed me was its amazing suspension travel, it took me by surprise when I was a bit naughty and gave the packet a little squeeze. it has some nice details as well. Most importantly it’s got a V8 that’s partly visable as the side covers are absent in this cast. I’m not sure if it’s based on an actual military vehicle but being MBX it probably is. On the front is a military issue brush bar with headlight protection. There is a front mounted winch. There is a jerry can mounted on each running board and at the back it has two barn doors. On the inside its got two bucket seats up front and two benches running down the full length of the rear on each side, again as in a troop carrier arrangement.

OH NO! What’s that?!

Yep, just what I thought, It’s a boy LandRover. Oh well it’s only really a problem if it stops leaking oil.

The Jungle Crawler.

As this is a large photo dump I’ve included two backing tracks this time. The Family Guy one I just stubbled on while looking for a clip.

Or have some fine ‘80’s Aussie rock, or nothing...

OK, ORAT anyone?

Hey! Over here————————————————————————————————————————————^^^^

See that spider web behind the 110, not sure what type of spider it was but it shot into a small burrow in the dirt. Close up below.

This hole was probably 6.5 mm or 1/4” in diameter.

Hopefully the roof rack isn’t making the Defender top heavy...

Oh! I typed too soon.

Ok, best go down to the ‘lake ‘ and wash off the dirt. Good opportunity for a snorkel test...




Let’s hope the body seals hold water back better than the oil seals hold oil back.

iPhone is treading water.

Fish eye lens?....

That’s all folks!