My first detailed post of cars from the recent flea market. I really wanted to get these JLs out of the way first, you’ll see why shortly.
Spoiler Alert: Some have issues beyond the series itself...
The first photos are show four of the Johnny Lightning Monsters-Named Vehicles, all have the little cloth covers to match the Monster name for each vehicle.

The Frankenstein Hummer, The Mummy Chrysler Atlantic Concept, the Frankenstein (again) Lotus (?-is it?), and the Dracula Aerovette, which I assume is another concept vehicle.

The two on the left have rubber tires, with tread, the two on the right have plastic shoes. The Hummer’s windshield has come loose and is rattling around inside. Also, the Lotus, if that’s what it is, has those rounded triangular center rims that look like Mazda engine rotors. Never been a fan.

Now the bizarre part of this post, the Johnny Lightning POKER vehicles. These all have a kind of hologram image of some playing card characters. I don’t know if hologram is the correct term, you have to turn them back and forth to get the light to hit them the right way.
Starting with the four Corvettes. First, they are an odd grayish green color that gave my photato fits. Even Photoshop wasn’t a great help in correcting this.
(I have to ask Santa for a new camera this year...I’ve been good.)
I don’t know if these were left out in the sun, or what happened, but it happened to all four of them in the same exact way.

All four windshields have moved to the right, all four dashboards have intruded into the rest of the interior, primarily into the passenger seat. The seats are covered with a green flocking finish. This may have been a *good* idea at first, but one that wasn’t tested enough for the best result. No opening parts on these, and the playing card image on the hoods is the King of Clubs.

The one, third from the left, even has flocked rims! Yikes...! These are also the wankel rotor patterned rims on all four vettes, with hard plastic tires, but the flocking doesn’t make them look any better. This group should probably go to the same home, and maybe one or two decent cars can be resurrected from what you see here.


Next are the Firebirds. If the Corvettes were left in the sun, they had company. These four have windshields that have lifted, front and back. It’s as if the black roof portion got really hot and the plastic melted downwards in the center and the front and rear lifted up. (?) Hoods open up on this model, and the image on the hood is the Queen of Hearts.

These also have flocked front seats. It would appear that the people allowing this experiment only paid for one color, and the poker table green doesn’t go well with this pink/purple color. These cars do have rubber tires, slicks with no tread pattern, and like the Corvettes, one or two decent cars could probably be constructed out of the parts from all four. One of the window pieces is almost intact and might be able to be coaxed back into place. As for the others, they’d be best served by cutting the important sections free of that center melt area and being glued into the openings front and rear.

Next we have a pair of Chevrolet SSRs. Who was choosing the castings for this experiment? One of the least popular designs, but definitely in better shape than the Corvettes or the Firebirds. Hard plastic tires on five spokes per corner, no opening parts, and the Jack of Clubs on the tonneau cover.

Next to last is one Dodge Viper in a totally different scale than anything shown so far. This is a big casting. If you look at the small photo at the top, you’ll notice that it’s bigger than the Hummer, scale-wise.

There is a J inside a diamond shape on the hood, with the Jack of Diamonds mug shot on the doors. The hood is supposed to flip up. When I tried, the windshield fell off, the closed hood was the only thing keeping it with the rest of the car. Hard plastic shoes.


Last, but definitely not least, is the ‘59 Cadillac Eldorado. Even though the images on the hood and the trunk are the “Suicide” King of Clubs (his second appearance in this post, first time with the sword through the head), this is the Queen of the fleet!

Beautiful white wall rubber tires on chrome wire rims, great tampo details, opening hood, and a perfect metallic light green color. The green flocking on the interior is a lighter shade, I don’t know if it’s faded from light hitting it or if it’s by design. Whatever the reason, it’s one car in the series that was done right.
I haven’t personally seen any other castings from the Johnny Lightning POKER franchise, so I can only comment on these.

My opinion; this was obviously a project that started with one set of board members, but one that concluded with a different crowd. This may explain the lack of enthusiasm in bringing a halfway decent concept to it’s successful execution on the pegs.
All the cars have Johnny Lightning and Playing Mantis names cast into the bases. A few have the same two brands plus a stamped RC2 joining them.
Three brands on the same base!
“We may be contractually obligated to finish the series, but we don’t have to give it our best effort!”
I’m not particularly attached to any cars shown in this post, so they are all eligible for being re-homed.