Whew, it’s been almost forever since my last post and finally after exams and a holiday camp, I’ve finally got a little time to write again!

Today’s subject matter comes from hot wheels, steering away from the freakshows and fast cars, here’s a pizza truck, plain and simple.

After the tomica ramen truck I showed off last time, this was the second thing I bought as I got back into collecting. Something that makes this piece unique in my collection is that it represents the boxy food truck you see more often in American media, very different from the “lorry with a stand on the back” seen in more Asian food trucks.

Even though I don’t usually look to hot wheels for gimmicks, the chef standing in the back, although not perfectly moulded is still a fairly nice touch.

All in all, until I manage to find the matchbox food truck, this may very well be the only model of this sort I’ll have. (I can never find matchbox stuff where I live which is absolutely ridiculous!)