So I just did the math, and I’ve been doing polls since 3/23/15, so nearly three months ago. And it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been doing a poll a week, so the number of polls I’ve done is immense. Anybody want to give me a break next week? (I’m sorry this post is so long)

I know the polls are popular, which is why they shouldn’t stop on account of me. Plus it’ll give me a breather from doing them, preventing burn out, :).


Now, I have no idea what response this post will get, or how many people will raise their hand saying “I can be the substitute!” So, I guess first come first serve then?

To give you an idea of what I do, I’ll break it down so no one will go into this blindly, :). Tuesday at 8 am EST the scheduled poll goes live. Why then? Because I discovered it’s one of the few times that the majority of laldiecasters will be online. And it’ll be the exact time I arrive at work. The post will most likely be on the first page for most of the day, at least until 6pm EST. Wednesday, a scheduled reminder post goes live at 8am EST to pick up anyone that might of missed the previous day. I create a second post linking to the first. Thursday, I open up a spreadsheet a work, and count how many people responded, and their response. I use =sum(x:y) to calculate the responses. Once I get the math done, I send it to edu-petrolhead for his pretty graphs. While waiting for his response (he’s in school, give him a break!) i make up the post with everything except the graph. Once I get the image, I try to get it done around my lunchtime.

If this sounds like a lot, it is. It’s one reason I cut it down to once a week! So any volunteers? You can make up your own topic (as long as it can be relevant to diecast or lald in general), or I can give you one from my repository of Qs. So if you’re interested, reply so I can give you my email and we can talk some more.


Now onto my other announcement. My earlier post titled “let’s play a game” was more popular than I thought it would be. I do think lald needs more post series, and this one will be easier than the polls since its just one post. I made a list of 20-something items that i can ask you guys. So this means two lald based post series, hooray! I’m thinking once a week, haven’t decided what day though.

Anyways, that’s my Annoucements. Thoughts, concerns, questions, let’s hear them.