Lald, it's time for the poll results! We had 19 responses, which is actually our lowest so far, :/. But it is understandable because the Q did deal with monetary things, which can be a iffy subject for some. So my apologies for that, I'll try to make future Qs more inclusive.

Alright, let me explain to you a few things before we start; mean is the average number out of the data set, median is the middle number, and mode is the number that was repeated the most.

3" - mean $32.03, median $6.50, mode $5

1/64 - mean $22.12, median $10, mode $10

1/43 - mean $53.40, median $59, mode $50

1/24 - mean $37.93, median $20, mode $20

1/18 - mean $144.12, median $150, mode $200

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Note: when it says 10s, it means the range of 10 to 19. 0s is 1 to 9. If it says 100s, it means 100 to 109.

Did anything surprise you guys?