Hot Wheels has been on a roll this year. Between the BMW 3.0 CSL, Fairlady Z, and the new NSX and Shelby GT350R, it has been a very good year. But the cake still gets taken by the Porsche 356 Outlaw. It has been released in two colors already, both of which are fantastic, and everyone seems to have at least one.

But the biggest argument for the Outlaw being casting of the year, is that it clearly provides both seasoned and less experienced customizers with a beautiful and very inviting canvas to create new variations on.


There are a ton of Outlaw customs on Instagram, but after a quick survey, I can definitively say that it is also the most customized casting LaLD has ever seen, with 23 customs reported. Clearly time for a recap of all this 356 goodness.

For the purposes of clarity, I have divided them into three categories: Mild, Moderate, and More. Mild means wheel swaps, and perhaps a tampo delete or two, the Moderate category contains resprays, and More means mods. Body mods, to be exact. Things like custom interiors, louvre deletes (or additions), closing up the gas filler hole, etc.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Mild (10 cars)


Painted lights front and rear, and a camber adjustment. Well done, sir!

Wanclick 1

Why do these blue headlights work so well??

Wanclick 2

Same treatment on the OG black Outlaw.

Wanclick 3

Wanclick has been busy. :D

Menandz Mags 1

Perhaps more of a design study than a true custom, but still looks great on those “fuchs” wheels in the back.

Menandz Mags 2

I suppose this could be a continuation of the previous design study, but either way I really dig the detailing.

shop-teacher 1

Hooray for yellow headlights!!

shop-teacher 2

Again I suppose it could be the same custom, but yellow headlights AND yellow “fuchs?” Ja, bitte!!


Just a tampo delete, interior and exterior detailing, and some Matchbox dish wheels.


Moderate (10 cars)

wanclick 1

Looks SO GOOD!!! Dish wheels, naked body, detailed inside and out, very nice! Wanclick, i like what you’ve done with the place.

wanclick 2

Variation on the naked look. Those blue wheels are killer, man!!

wanclick 3

What a color. Simply stunning.

wanclick 4

Shiny! Great choice of wheel, again.


Outlaw looks great naked AND polished too!


Sparkling grey paint, custom exhaust, minilites real riders... I sent this one off to Rod Emory himself in exchange for a shirt and a poster. That was pretty cool!


Beautiful color, beautiful wheels, beautiful detailiing. MONEY.


Those matchbox dishes really are the best basic wheel for this car.

Tatorsaurus finally got more Real Riders for his customs

Green = good!

More! (4 cars)


We all know his trials and tribulations with the car and the paint, but I would say: WORTH IT!!


Possibly my favorite custom to date. It came out so clean, I’m pretty proud of that!


I mean... Come on. Fog lights(!!!), gorgeous straps, yellow headlights... Can’t go wrong here at all!


SO MUCH YES!!!!!! A near replica of the Rod Emory Special. it’s exquisite.

Which was your favorite? And PLEASE keep the Outlaws coming. There are not nearly enough pics in this post. :D