I don’t know how many of you have seen the news today (and it’s made national news), but there was a shooting last night in Downtown Charleston, about 15 minutes away from my house. A 21 year old young man sat through a Bible Study and as it was finishing, shot and killed 9 different people, including the pastor, who was also a state senator. The young man fled the scene and was picked up this morning in Shelby, NC following a report from a citizen who saw a person and vehicle matching the descriptions given on the news.

This is a terrible tragedy and I ask that you keep the families of those killed and injured, the suspect’s family, and the Charleston community in your prayers. In honor of the quick and thorough job the Charleston Police Department did in figuring out who the suspect was and getting his information out so that he could be apprehended, I want to post up these few pictures I have of my 1/43 Roadchamps custom CPD 2000 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. The pics are old and rough, as is the car, but these are the only pics I have of it right now.