Just a little HWEP catch-up post to show off some premium trades, and to thank MattyLightning, Huzer, MustangFan, and PlasticPrints for keeping an eye out for me. I’ve barely cracked MustangFan’s large box. More to come at a later date!

This Hot Wheels 100% funny car came my way via Huzer
A ‘60s JL GTO and Mustang GT courtesy of MattyLightning
JL International Scout RAOK sent by MattyLightning
Again, MattyLightning with the assist on this beauty of a JL Muscle Cars USA Charger
Killer JL Torino via MattyLightning
A bad ass GL 442 from ML
JL Charger in a perfect shade. Thanks MattyLightning!
PlasticPrints assisted with this perfect AW Ultra Red Boss
White Lightning ‘80s hotness courtesy of PlasticPrints
Another HWCollectors.com assist by PlasticPrints. This beast is heavy compared to the standard HW starships
My Mooneyes display case is progressing thanks to MustangFan and the trade of this must-have VW Beetle
Dope Mustang dragster courtesy of MustangFan
I’ve really taken a shine to these older JL funny cars. MustangFan’s flea market finds give me my fix