*BONUS: VW Diesel emissions explanation inside. *

This is another of the casts I received from MustangFan in our recent iHWEP, thanks man! It’s such a cool piece to have.

This is a very cool cast from HW, the Hare Splitter. It says on the base 1978 so it’s been around a while now. Looking at the cast it really dosen’t match HW style at all, even for back then I feel. It’s just such an accurate looking model and with the right wheels and suspension could pass for a period MBX or Tomica. While early versions had an actual wheel used for the roof rack mounted spare it was changed to a one piece molding at some point long ago. That’s the only negitive I can find on this awesome cast, not a big deal at all. Bonnet opens and reveals an engine (suprising for early VW mechanics) and it’s well represented.

Ok, so the infamous diesel saga is well known by now. Here’s a visual representation of the emissions claimed vs actual emissions recorded.

If you look closely at the picture above you can see the emissions from the tailpipe of a diesel rabbit as claimed by VW.

Enhanced for your viewing pleasure.

WARNING: Sometimes the truth can offend. Viewer discretion is advised for the following images.

Damn! Actual emissions as found by the EPA under normal operating conditions.

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