Many people seem excited about the recent arrival of the Matchbox Range Rover Evoque…or at least frustrated with its scarcity. In the overly long lead up to the actual release of the casting, some people noted (and perhaps justifiably so) that the already available Majorette version was better anyway (even if unavailable in the USA). I can’t entirely say they’re wrong…but there is also a third player, albeit a much more obscure one.

I managed to get the MBX version awhile back at a local supermarket, and I think it’s a really good representation of the real vehicle. My only complaint about the proportions is that it seems a bit narrow, but otherwise the tampos, the body lines, MBX seems to have done an admirable job. People rightfully complain about the roof/greenhouse, and I agree…a metal roof would have been nice and far less blatant cost-cutting-ish. It does have an interior from photos I’ve seen, you just cant see it through the dark smoked roof plastic.

Then theres the Majorette. It does have a number of advantages over the MBX…first off, it has a metal roof. It has an opening gate. It uses the windows plastic for the headlights instead of tampos. It is arguably better proportioned. It is, overall, a mighty fine casting, and clearly the largest of the three.

Then there is a scrappy contender from China, Top Mark. I got this off eBay a few weeks ago, along with a Range Rover and a GT86, all of which I like a lot. The company seems to mostly specialize in 1/40 diecasts, but they do a small number of 1/64s, most of which are modified High Speed castings (There is a discussion on Swiftys about this that I discovered the other night…an interesting read!) The casting is really well done as well, it also features a moonroof and a screw on base making customizing and wheelswaps a breeze. The only main drawback is the ‘stance’, the rear is too low, but a bit of creative base altering should fix that. The mold lines are a bit simplified, but overall it’s a really nice piece.

Which do you prefer?

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