Fact is, that the VW T2 Pickup from HotWheels is one of the best new castings in the last couple of years. It took some time to find one, but it was definitely worth it. I always wanted to do a raw material - car. So this diecast was the perfect start. I didn`t want to let the VW look too overdressed. It should look decent and not too shiny bling bling. So I stripped the colour off and “polished” it very carefully and just detailed the headlights/backlights. I dont have any real riders - rims in stock, so I looked for a good set of tires to combine it with the T2. And for my opinion, these rims fit perfectly and still keep the VW “oldschool” like i wanted it to look like. I am really happy with the result, so please let me know what you think about this mild-custom. Thanks!!!