The People of Walmart

There are websites dedicated to them.
Call them what you will.
I hate them.
Why do I hate them?
How many reasons do you have time for?

I realize there are kids visiting this site, so I’ll keep it clean. Otherwise this would be a LONG post/rant.
Stopped by one of the local WMs today, and I found one of those dump bins that they divide into 3 sections. It was bulging with the HWs Beatles series. I went through all three sections, putting everything in a shopping cart as I went, got right down to the cardboard floor in all the sections, and I found...

Not one Kool Kombi..


Plenty of every other car in the series, but... rub salt in the wound, there were almost a dozen Kombi cards that had been ripped open and then crumpled so they didn’t even leave any salvageable artwork. They couldn’t just buy them all, they had to steal the ones they couldn’t afford.


People are, well, Hi kids, I’m not going to start now. I’m just very disappointed in my fellow man.
If I were the type who exacted vengeance, I would do a search on the bay for the Kombis, and limit the search to 10 miles, or whatever the lowest number is.
I would then bid up every single Beatles Kombi listing in and around Fishkill, NY, especially the ones with too many VWs, and then back out at the last minute. (Backing out, for those who are real, honest, genuine people, and wouldn’t have any reason to know this, removes all my bids and drops the final bid down to whatever the second bid was, after I first started. Like $2 over the starting bid.) I’m not going to do it, but I’d love to see the looks on their faces when the auction, about to end for 4 or 5 hundred dollars, drops down to almost nothing, relative to what it was.

I’ve already done a search for Hot Wheels/Beatles/Yellow Submarine and found so many...of *those* sellers with multiple cars in one auction.
Want to lose faith in humanity? Look up listing # 142044828301
and see where he has the B@!!$ nerve to call them VHTF!
Very hard to find...
Very Hard To Find? Sure @$$#o!e, I mean, buddy, you took 127 of them you greedy POS!
Click on sellers other items...he has 96 Blue Meanie Kool Kombis.
And guess what? For some reason, I don’t know why, maybe someone can help me with this, HE SAYS THEY’RE VERY HARD TO FIND TOO!!!

I’m getting tired of even thinking of this crap. It’s giving me a huge headache. And, I’m getting tired of typing so I’m done with this topic. I think I’ll go jump in the lake to cool off...