The recent hawl from the garage sale, DLM’d and in detail, and a few snags from an antique store in Oelwein, IA.

The antique store lot was $22 total, and the group from the antique store (starting with the black ‘63 Split Window) were 50¢ each.

The first of the antique store fifty centsers, a “small rear plate” early ‘63 split
A new paint scheme for the Matchbox 308 that I didn’t have
Another former Corgi Carrera under the HW umbrella
A meticulous Hot Bird for the asking price
An old HW S-10 casting, I’ve never had it with these wheels before
World Class Matchbox XK120
Johnny Lightning Aero Vette
Another S130 Z by Matchbox with the awesome mesh wheels!
I’ve always wanted this Matchbox Ur-Quattro casting.
The Road Champs Mustang with the top on.
The ‘67-69 produced Matchbox regular wheel Greyhound.
This Fiat 2300S is my first Impy, and for the price I couldn’t leave it there.
I love old Road Champs cars, and this metal base Mustang also has a tonneau for use when the removable top is off!

Thanks for reading!