A potential future French Friday, Majorette Renault 4L.

Hot Wheels Dodge Omni 024. My theory is that this was found in the sofa cushions. Most of the car is near mint, but the roof has been rubbed to bare metal in places, as has a patch on the right side.

An unbranded Mazda RX-8, in excellent condition.

Someone else’s Custom! I believe those are MBX wheels on this Majorette 911.

It has been detailed, painted lights front & rear.

...and, glued back together.
The final insult to someone’s carefully worked piece of diecast customization...to wind up in the bottom of a 25 cent bucket.

Another unbranded one, a C1 Corvette. Modified, of course, with huge hood scoop/box, and a spare tire on the rear bumper...?

Paper stickers instead of tampos, and that spare...! Harley Earl must be spinning in his grave.

Who has ever heard of the Dome 0? That’s Dome Zero, not Dome Oh. Unbranded base, but excellently detailed body with scissor doors. All I could find by way of research is that this is most likely a copy of the Tomica version.
Longer post to come after more looking into this one...

Last, but not least, company for my Mebetoys P4. I forgot to mention that the P4 of my childhood had the number 24 on it. So, this one will sit next to it until I decide what to do with the 1:43 one.

Until next time...