I’ve fallen behind on posting what I’ve found and what has found me. I also have neglected HWEPs again. If you and I were discussing a trade, please remind me in the comments. I know I’m supposed to take photos of any “normal” looking cars I have to trade, but for whom? Please let me know...

A little while back, I asked if anyone had an extra Charger from the recent (at the time) Kmart Collector’s day.


Roundbadge stepped right up and sent this one to me, ignoring my question asking what I could send in return. Thanks You RB!
I owe you one...!

We say it so often on this blog that I don’t want to sound like I’m playing the same old song...
but, the people of LaLD are the best!!!

Repeated visits to the local marts of wal finally paid off, partially.
The Ratrod Bugs were already taken, but whomever got them was kind enough to leave these behind. Thank you mystery buyer.

Recent additions to my old-but-still-carded bin: ‘98 FE D-Type Jag, Lotus M250 FE from 2001, and the Hyundai Tiburon FE #20 of 42. No year cited on the front of the card.

Pike’s Peak Celica Trifecta!

From the walk-in flea market, a Fox Body Mustang that says GT on the hood, I haven’t figured out who made this one yet.
A Porsche 959 that’s I’ve never seen before. The rear spoiler encourages on to “Use Energy.”
Next, I believe I found another Summer Corvette. I say I “believe,” because in the world of Asian diecast companies, the tooling can change hands daily in a lunchtime game of cards. This is a 1st Gen Vette, pre 58 due to the single headlights.
Last is an old plastic truck I found that reminded me of some of the toys I played with as a lad, so, for a quarter, I had to grab it.


More on the Corvette: When the tooling, or dies, for a cast change hands, someone usually changes the text on the base, often by scooping out a long rounded rectangular shape. On this example, they didn’t have time, so they carved the model number, S8503 (UPDATE: This is confirmed by Mick’s Auto World’s Summer page) right over the Made In China text:

Highlighted area enlarged below:

I don’t know why these secondary brands fascinate me so much, but I’m always happy to add more of them to my collection.