I just picked up this old Impy Volvo P1800s with the intention of doing a nice wheelswap and clean it up a bit. Despite the imperfections, the paint is a lovely shade of red with balanced playwear. So, this will not get a repaint. I will touch up some of the details and trim.

The most glaring flaw is the insane offroad lift on this beast. Suspension travel will be tamed a bit with the wheelswap for sure. I love all the little details on this Impy diecast. everything opens and the engine is really nice!

Oh, and this will need a bit of cleaning... it appears the off-roading prowess of the P1800s took this car straight through a play-doh mudpit. Ew.

My teenage step daughter spent some time cleaning her room yesterday... on her own free will. We didn’t even tell her to. Astounding!


She found this little RX7 under her computer desk. She and I used to play with HW and orange track when she was a wee-un. Ah, those were good days! <3

Anyhow, she’s grown up... but I still haven’t. So, she gave the rotary beast to me. :)