In Part 1, I left off where I finished cleaning the grime off the car. So let’s examine the damage a bit more closely:

As you may recall, the key damage was on the front splitter. I actually decided to scrape off a bit more paint as what was left had started to bubble:

The sides are damaged as well:

Some minor pin-sized chips on the fenders:

The wheels have lost a lot of chrome:

But, a few hours of magic later, here we are! :)

Front splitter has been refinished with fresh white paint:

Fender chips have been patched:

Lastly, the wheels have been rechromed:

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better than the sorry state in which I found it. As they say, just glad to get this one back on the road again.

Can barely tell the difference here... (LOL)

Happy Sunday everyone!