Back in the late 80’s, Pininfarina built this sleek concept based on the legendary Testarossa. It was a tough challenge to make the Testarossa even sexier, but if anyone could do it, it was Pininfarina.

This is Revell’s 1:18 Mythos. It is a very basic model from, well I’m not exactly sure when but I think a long time ago. Features are limited to only opening doors and the rear engine hatch. The rear retractable wing is functional as well.


Stealth mode.

Anywho, the rear hatch would have benefitted greatly from a simple prop. My toothpick here isn’t all that flattering...

Revell did do a great job scaling down the 12 cylinder beast tucked away in the back. It looks to be made from multiple pieces rather than one big plastic lump.

The interior is real basic, but I don’t believe the real thing is any more sophisticated. The seats and center console are all one molded piece of plastic, although real seat belts help to break up the monotony.

Nothing too dramatic going on with the dash either.

Although it may be a simple model, I did score it off eBay for only $10, so I’m definitely happy with it. The Mythos was another favorite concept of mine growing up, and the fact that it was a Ferrari made it even cooler. The Sultan of Brunei had two of them and the third resides in Pininfarina’s collection, so I'd be willing to bet I'll never get the chance to see the real thing in the flesh.