Since I started collecting again, my lady friend has been pointing out how cool the color changers were. I never wanted one due to the lack of Japanese cars. One weekend we went out to PA and I found an EVO X color changer. We played with it a little, had it change color once and were unable to get it to switch back. Then I left it behind in PA on accident. But yesterday I found another one!

I opened it up, ran it under water that was hot enough to burn my fingers followed by ice cold water. With no result. It would not change color, no matter what temperature water it was under. The interior was flooded immediately which I don't recall having happen the first time I bought one of these.

3.99 is a steep price for what is now a basic car. I dunno if I'm doing something wrong or if these things are actually junk. I'd love to try it out with the color changer xB if I ever find one. At least I added a new Evo to the stable though.