Lesney Matchbox time is here again. Today we examine a type of vehicle I believe I have yet to review - a caravan/camping trailer. This is Lesney Matchbox 23b, the Berkeley Cavalier caravan. This casting entered the range in 1958, replacing the nearly identical looking but different 23a Berkeley Cavalier (which I also have), and had a relatively short run, remaining until 1960 when it was replaced by yet another caravan. This casting is a good representation of the Matchbox line in 1958:

Nice casting detail abounds on this model. I estimate scale to be around 1:60, I can’t be exactly sure as I am not familiar with the actual vehicle, but this is a somewhat chunky casting, of a somewhat large item. Nothing opens, no glazing - those were things for the future, as 23c would gain an opening door. The play value here is it being something to tow behind the several Regular Wheels models with a tow hook. From all angles, it is a pleasing piece with period charm:

Front and rear have similar detail. The “on tow” number plate decal has survived in perfect condition, and is the same decal used on 23a and 23c:

The base is basic, which was the style at the time, but has complete model and maker data. This example sits on metal wheels:

I know camping trailers are a recent trend in new small scale, but they were popular back in the day as well. Here it is showing the play value, being towed by a metal wheel 43a Hillman Minx of the same era:

This model is lucky enough to live in its original pristine type B box. With this box variety and metal wheels, it was likely made earlier in 1958:

Definitely a model I am happy to have in my collection. This model came from an original owner collection I bought several years ago. It has a charming mellow appeal, like other period Lesney Matchbox models:

Some 1:1 images from bigglesfm.com and thenostalgiashop.co.uk. It’s not easy to find examples of these today, as they were all used up and scrapped, and different models could have various window layouts, but you get the picture: