Lesney Matchbox time is here again. Today we examine a relatively old vehicle, but it is modern and new compared to yesterday’s post. This is Matchbox 30a, the Ford Prefect (100E) This casting entered the range in 1956, and remained until I think early 1961. It is a good representation of the earlier days of Lesney Matchbox products:

This is a diminutive little casting. The real world car isn’t huge, and the casting is small in itself, I estimate scale to be close to 1:70. As it is a 1956 casting, it lacks glazing and interior, those were all several years away, and this model never received them. There is still plenty of fine casting line detail, especially for something of this size, age, and price point. Silver and red trim is hand applied (mask sprayed trim would come later), and the tow hook adds play value. This model would later gain plastic wheels and a couple paint varieties. From all angles, it is a charming mellow little casting, which was the norm for the Matchbox line at the time:

Front and rear have a decent amount of detail (grille, trunk/boot handle etc) for the size:

The base is quite basic, as was the style of the time, but has all relevant data:

This example is lucky enough to live in its crisp original earlier type B box. With this box and the metal wheels, I estimate it was made around 1957:

I am definitely pleased to have this casting in my collection. It is another somewhat iconic little model that is probably a necessity in a collection of earlier Lesney Matchbox, and it is photogenic. This one also has a little QC issue, a small pin-prick sized paint skip on the roof, a tiny spot where there was maybe a bubble or paint didn’t cover. These issues were usually caught, but this one was apparently small enough to make it through. It doesn’t detract:

And a 1:1 from flickr: