Lesney Matchbox time is here again. This casting may be familiar to some, as I reviewed an example a few months ago. However, this is a different example, and one with a different story. Today we take a look at another example of Lesney Matchbox 30a, the Ford Prefect (100E). This casting entered the range in 1956, and remained until 1961. It is a prime example of the charming mellow type of model that defined the early Lesney Matchbox era:

This is a different variant than the prior review (here):

The casting is the same, but some details are different. As described before, this is a somewhat petite little model, I estimate scale to be around 1:70. As this is a 1956 casting, there is no glazing nor interior, as these features did not enter the range until this model ended production. There is ample fine casting detail on this car, and a tow hook to add play value. This later example features mask sprayed silver trim rather than hand painted. From all angles, this casting shows the appeal that enabled the Matchbox line to find relatively quick success at the time:

As before, the front and rear have similar detail. It is nicely done for something of this size, age, and original price point:

The base is basic, just like the model in the prior review. And here the background story of this casting becomes evident. One can see traces of gold paint on the base, and on the rest of the model. I found this at a yard sale maybe 10-12 years ago, in a box of other diecast, I bought it all for no more than $1, so I have at most 10 cents into this. At the time, it was covered in gold paint or maybe fingernail polish. I could see it looked decent underneath, so I used paint thinner and removed the gold, but did not do the most exact job, as I wanted a reminder of the rescue. This casting is not perfect, but is pretty decent, and presents well. With plastic wheels, this likely dates from 1959-60. One can see the gold around the edges of the base:

I am pleased to have this in my collection, it needed to be rescued from what would have likely been the garbage had I not spotted it, and it has a fun story. This casting also concludes this round of unboxed Matchbox - the next ones will be boxed:

And the 1:1 from flickr: