It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve featured a Lesney, so it is time again. Today we examine Matchbox 52a, the Maserati 4CLT GP car. This model entered the range in 1958, and must have been well received, as it remained in the lineup until 1965, with numerous variants. The example seen here is a later run model, no older than 1962. These later run cars feature the excellent cast spoked wheels, which Lesney used on a few cars. It’s a looker:

To be precise, this is a 1948 Maserati 4CLT. I am unsure why then obsolete but not classic racer was put in the range, the open wheel style and timeless looks might have been seen as attractive. I estimate scale to be around 1:60. It is a nicely cast model and has appeal from all angles:

Nothing opens, as nothing needs to. It’s just a race car to race around. These large spoked two piece wheels move more freely than one piece normal Regular Wheels.

Base is typical old school Lesney:

It has lived in a nice colorful “D” type box since new:

The real car was a postwar variant of a prewar design. Here’s one in action:

Another little gem from my Lesney hoard - but pretty much all Matchbox of this era are gems.