Sunday is here again, time for another Tomica review. This can be a Land of the Rising-Sunday, Snail Sunday, S-cargot Sunday, and maybe more. Today we examine something not seen for awhile, a Tomica casting of a French car. This is Tomica F39-2, the Citroën 2CV. This casting entered the range in December 1980, and remained until June 1986. It is everything one expects from Tomica of this era:

We all know about the 2CV, no need to go to lengthy detail about the actual car. As expected for a Tomica casting, detail and proportion appear accurate. Scale is a claimed 1:57, likely correct - this is a tall and somewhat narrow casting, which matches the real car. This model has a sturdy coating of blue paint. Cult cars like this are big in Japan, and my reference book lists 8 variations, all quite distinct, all on button wheels, which suit this car perfectly. Nothing opens, but there is a partially opened nicely textured cloth sunroof from where one can see a nicely detailed interior. Even without snappy door action, there is the springy suspension (accurate for a Citroën) and crisp glazing, traits we love about old Tomica. From all angles, it is a quality model:

Front and rear have similar detail. The tailights in red plastic, no doubt sharing the interior casting, are a nice touch, along with the cast-in metal grille with chevrons:

One can look into the partially opened cloth top to see accurate interior detail, including the correct looking seat style, realistic steering wheel, and dash mounted shift lever:

The base is metal, for heft and a quality feel, and has accurate suspenson detail:

This model is lucky enough to live in its original box:

Inside an end flap is something I have never seen on a Tomica before, a date stamp. Factory production item or from a collector?:

This is definitely a casting I am glad to have in my collection. No collection is complete without a 2CV of some sort, and I think this is a good one to a have in a Tomica F-series collection too:

A couple of 1:1s from and