Tomica time again, and it also fits in with Land of Rising Sun-day. Today we examine an older Tomica model. This is Tomica 17-1, the Nissan / Datsun (export name) Cherry X-1. This casting entered the range in April, 1971, and was produced through December 1975. It’s a charming little piece that shows the quality that helped Tomica succeed in the earlier days:

Detail is excellent from all angles, with the cast-in badging being of fine quality. Scale claims to be 1:58, and this appears accurate - the real car is small, and the casting compensates a little. This model was never offered with button wheels, which I think didn’t exist until 1976-77. There is no glazing on the side windows, as typical of early Tomica. Of course, there is the springy suspension, snappy door action, and crisp glazing we come to expect from this quality brand:

The model features a detailed interior and realistic steering wheel:

Front and rear also have the same high level of detail:

Base is metal and is realistic, as expected:

Like other recent Tomica reviews, this casting has no box, but that’s the way it is, as this model was sold in the first run of Pocket Cars castings. This casting is not extremely rare or expensive, should anyone want to find one. I am definitely glad to have this quirky little car in my collection:

Some 1:1s from and This generation of Cherry (never sold in North America, I think) was offered in a 2 door, 4 door, and funky fastback sport version: