Tomica time is here again, also fitting for Land of the Rising Sun-day. Today we examine an iconic little car. This is Tomica 23-2, the Honda S800M. This casting entered the range in July 1980, and remained until June 1983. It is an excellent model that is a prime example of Tomica quality:

As one can see, detail and proportion are beyond reproach. Button wheels are fine on this casting, and it was only offered on these wheels per my reference book. There are numerous fine casting lines, including badges on the fenders, an always appreciated touch. The convertible top is also simulated well, in a slightly matte paint, with quarter windows. I find it interesting that the Tomica version of this car entered the range a decade after the actual car ceased production, no doubt by then it was already a cult piece. Scale claims to be large - 1:51, I believe accurate, as the real car is quite small, and this was made to fit in a box. The model itself does not feel large, unless one knows the size of the 1:1 car. Of course, this model has the snappy door action, crisp glazing, and springy suspension we all know and love about Tomica of this era. From all angles, it is right:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and steeting wheel:

Front and rear have similar detail, the Honda badge clearly visible:

The base is metal, which adds heft and a quality feel, and has ample detail:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box:

No doubt I am pleased to have this in my collection. The car is an icon now, and the casting is excellent. My reference book lists 16 variants of this model, so one can go crazy if they are into it. I believe most are not terribly rare, so it also likely won’t break the bank:

A few 1:1s from, and