Tomica time again. I am in Italy right now, so an Italian car makes sense. This review comes a little early, as I have a long drive ahead in the morning and don’t know when I will be free. Today we examine Tomica F45-1, the Maserati Merak SS. As expected, it is a quality piece with the fine detail typical of vintage Tomica:

I think this is one wished for by Jobjoris. This casting entered the range in March 1978, and was made until February 1981. Not a long run, but the model does not seem to be particularly rare, so it must have been popular. Scale is a claimed 1:62, which appears believable. The model has a detailed interior. I also have this in red with normal wheels, but I like this color with these wheels. Detail is good from all angles:

Front and rear are just as nice:

The engine cover opens, and there’s an engine:

Base is metal with detail, gives a quality feel:

No box, but that’s fine. I am happy to have this, it just looks right:

And the real thing, from Shannon’s Auction House in Oz, of all places: