Tomica time again, one last review from home before I head out the door to spending most of the month abroad. Today we see a model that caught the eye of Small Scale Sydney the last time I posted my new additions. This is Tomica 99-2, the Mazda Luce AP Custom GR II. This model is apparently uncommon, and shows that really long names were a Japanese thing even back in the day. This model entered the range in July 1976, and claims to be a likely accurate 1:62 scale. It is typical for Tomica of this era:

From all angles, there’s respectable detail, especially for this size and age. The green hue is very much of the era. As usual for Tomica of this timeframe, it has springy suspension and doors that snap shut with satisfying crispness. The interior also has accurate detail:

Front and rear have the same quality:

As it is the 70s, base is metal and has detail:

This one is lucky enough to have its original box:

I acquired this at the same time as a couple other castings. It wasn’t cheap, but also not the most expensive. It is apparently quite unusual, I am happy to have it:

The real thing from - I suspect a lot of these were sold down unda. I know some Mazdas of this era trickled in to NA and Europe, but they are really rare today:

As I take pics far in advance of the weekly reviews, I think I’ll be able to post more while away.