Tomica time is here again, also Land of the Rising Sun-day. It is a beautiful bright warm summer day here, I’ve had the fintail on the road for 100 miles already today. Time to take a break and post a little review of a car that is just as bright and summery. This is Tomica 80-1, the Mazda Savanna GT. This casting entered the range in August 1973, and remained until January 1978. It is a perfect example of a nice earlier Tomica model:

To keep with the summery theme, these are bright pics of a bright car. I believe this model was also sold as the RX3 in this market, and in others. The Savanna name would later be used on the RX7. The casting features exemplary detail and proportion, including the typical for Tomica cast-in model badges on the fenders. Scale is a claimed 1:59, likely accurate as always. Most variants of this model appear to have been issued with these “old” wheels, per my reference book, and most are yellow. There’s a tow hook for play value, although I can’t imagine the full size version doing much towing. Of course, this model features the crisp glazing, snappy door action, and springy suspension we all admire from the brand. From all angles, it is a cheerful period piece:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear views show similar detail, with model data cast in the license plate:

The base is metal, which adds heft, and provides ample detail:

This is another unboxed model from my collection, and one I am glad to have. I like the full size versions of these cars, and this bright yellow model is cheerful. One may notice there is a paint flaw on the passenger side roof - another Tomica rolled off a shelf and struck this model, as I had it out of its parking area to retrieve another model (tight quarters). This created a chip on the left near the B-pillar (the other model was undamaged) - but some standard yellow enamel model paint did a reasonable job of covering this - the model already had a fine scratch on the roof when I got it, so it didn’t need to be perfect, just not as noticeable. It still looks good on a shelf, and will be good until I eventually run across a boxed one. There’s also a Tomica casting of this car in racing trim, which I also have, and I think is more common.


A couple 1:1 pics from bringatrailer - not easy to find one of these that isn’t heavily modified: