Tomica time again, also Land of the Rising Sun-Day, which makes this doubly appropriate. Today we examine Tomica 69-4, the Mitsubishi Pajero. This casting entered the range in December, 1982, and is a stellar example of an 80s SUV:

This high quality model features significant detail from all sides, and has cool period correct “Turbo Wagon” tampos. Scale is a claimed 1:60, which is likely accurate. The cast-in soft pillar in the rear side window is a nice touch of accuracy. Of course, this model has the springy suspension, snappy door action, and crisp glazing we expect from Tomica of this era:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear have similar detail. Maybe the only way this model could be improved would be to have a real spare, but this was typical of the era:

The base also has good detail, and is plastic, typical of the era:

This model is definitely a period piece, and even without a box, I am glad to have it. It was made in numerous color variations, including some rally versions which are desirable (I have one, which will grace a future review). This model and specific variation is also relatively common, sold as a late run Pocket Cars, if someone wants one, it won’t be too expensive:

And a couple 1:1s from pinterest and copart. The Pajero is a venerable and beloved model, sold under different names based on market - it was the Montero in NA, and also sold as the captive import Dodge Raider (second pic):