Tomica time, Land of the Rising Sun-day is here again. Even with the chaos of the Sale of the Century, I am able to produce a review (as I took the pics ages ago). This is Tomica 76-1, the Nissan Cedric wagon, in road service emergency vehicle livery. This casting entered the range in October 1972, and remained until May 1976. It is a good representation of Tomica products during the “old wheel” era:

Tomica made a number of variants - both service and civilian - based on the Cedric wagon casting, this one might be the most specific and detailed, as it has twin lights and paper decals. Scale is a claimed 1:65, likely accurate. The casting has plenty of fine casting line detail, names cast in the license plates, and proportions look exact. This model only exists with old wheels, as it predates button wheels. Front doors don’t open (the rear hatch opens), but it still has the crisp glazing and springy suspension we know and love about old Tomica. From all angles, it is a nice model:

Front and rear have similar quality detail:

The opening hatch provides a lot of play value for this casting:

The base is metal (note is numbered 47 - the standard Cedric casting, variants received their own number), as standard for the era, with some detail and plenty of heft:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box:

This is definitely a model I am glad to have in my collection. I like Tomica wagon castings, and have a few variants of the Cedric. This is also a relatively affordable casting, which is always welcome, given the high cost of vintage Tomica:

A few 1:1s from - hard to find an exact car, as apparently the real vehicle used numerous grille styles, and something like this would not have a high survival rate: